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Could I Hear That Again, Please? - Views and Reviews of a Well-tuned Listener

by Peter Thorogood




A fascinating collection of some 250 short reviews of radio broadcasts made during the late 1960s, when Peter Thorogood was Critic for ‘The Spoken Word’ column of the popular BBC periodical, The Listener.  The articles cover a wide range of subjects, including art, antique-collecting, books and authors, gardens and the countryside, crime, entertainment, history, music and myth, poets and poetry, the pop scene, poverty and population, revolution and revolt, sport, technology, and travel.

We learn about a sensational scandal involving Mr. Gladstone, George Bernard Shaw’s nom de plume and the wit of Queen Victoria.  We track down the elusive Frank Richards, author of the ‘Billy Bunter’ stories; and we discover if there really are fairies at the bottom of our gardens. We can, through Peter Thorogood’s often graphic reviews of these varied broadcasts, ‘hear’ again Sir Paul Dukes’ descriptions of life in Russia during the Revolution, an assessment of Marshall McLuhan and the ‘global village’, and travel the world with actor and wit Peter Ustinov.

The index alone lists over 500 names of broadcasters, presenters, producers, celebrities, literary and historical figures. Illustrated with over eighty portraits and some fifty drawings capturing the essence of broadcasting in the 1960s.


364 pp             ISBN 1 905206 02 X      £12.50 online price £10.00


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