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The Fountain of New Beginnings - Poems of Youth

by Stephen Harlow


From the Preface:

"I revisited the past to collect these poems together, aboard the same train of thought I travelled when I wrote them. I didn't recognise the destination, even though the landmarks remain today. I still paint my life on a canvas of love; it's just that the colours I use are not the same. The pictures I paint today will hang in the galleries of my mind, reflecting yesterday, but without understanding.

We build our lives as sand castles; no matter how secure we feel, the sand can be washed away by the tide. I write because I need to; it's an outlet for my emotions, and when I wrote these poems I felt no greater need. There is something special hidden amongst the words, something that will never be the same again. The castles I built, in the innocence of my youth, has been lost forever in the waves."


28 pp    ISBN 0 9532821 1 5        5.00

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