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Late Flowerings: Poems for Aurelia

by Diana Dykes


When Diana Dykes discovered Aurelia Plath's Letters Home on the shelves of her local library, her life was to change in a way she could never have foreseen.  Letters Home is a compilation of the correspondence of Aurelia's daughter Sylvia Plath, the poet, whose stormy marriage to former Poet-Laureate Ted Hughes and her subsequent suicide made international headlines. Moved by the story, Diana composed an epitaph poem drawing a parallel between Sylvia's plight and the Icarus myth, and sent it to the grieving Aurelia - a touching tribute to the memory of a tormented poet who died so tragically in her prime of life.  There followed a series of revealing letters between Diana and Aurelia out of which was to grow a deep and rewarding friendship.

Late Flowerings is a selection of poems inspired, in great part, by this intense relationship, which lasted until Aurelia's death in 1994. Diana writes with feeling though her occasional flurries of humour give some of her poems a certain spikiness that firmly avoids any descent into sentimentality.  Her writing combines a consummate skill in managing a variety of poetical forms and a freshness of expression that makes for a very pleasant and often challenging read.


125 pp.        ISBN 0 9538281 0 7        7.50 online price 6.00


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Poem - The Kiss of Life

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