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A Time of Roses

Musical settings of  the poetry of Thomas Hood (1799-1845), performed by the Brighton Chamber Choir and the Neil Jenkins Chorale.  Directed by Neil Jenkins with Neil Jenkins (tenor), Terence Allbright (piano).  Recorded in the Victorian Music Room at St. Mary's House, Bramber, West Sussex.
  1. I remember, I remember, Thomas Anderson (tenor & piano)

  2. I love thee, William Vincent Wallace (tenor & piano)

  3. I love thee, Gustav Holst (choir)

  4. The false friend, William Vincent Wallace (tenor & piano)

  5. A lake and a fairy bout, William Vincent Wallace (tenor & piano)

  6. A lake and a fairy bout, Montague Phillips (chorale & piano)

  7. A lake and a fairy bout, Peter Warlock (tenor & piano)

  8. Autumn, Peter Thorogood (tenor & piano)

  9. Autumn, Montague Phillips (chorale & piano)

  10. Autumn, C.H.H.Parry (tenor & piano)

  11. The silken thread, Granville Bantock (choir)

  12. There is dew for the flowers, Charles Gounod (tenor & piano)

  13. The stars are with the voyager, Montague Phillips (chorale & piano)

  14. The stars are with the voyager, Peter Thorogood (tenor & piano)

  15. The exile, Peter Thorogood (tenor & piano)

  16. The time of roses, Hugh Roberton (choir)

  17. The time of roses, Roger Quilter (tenor & piano)

  18. Spring is cheery, Joseph Holbrooke (chorale)

  19. I will woo the rose, Joseph Holbrooke (chorale)

  20. Serenade, Peter Thorogood (tenor & piano)

  21. Still glides the gentle streamlet, Peter Thorogood (tenor & piano)

  22. The Lee-shore, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor (choir)

  23. Ben Battle, Hugh Roberton (tenor & piano)

  24. Havana! (Smoking Song), Carey Blyton (choir)


  CD - 9.50

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