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A Song for Every Season

Music for choir, soprano, tenor and piano performed by Brighton Chamber Choir, conducted by Neil Jenkins, with Penny Jenkins (soprano), Neil Jenkins (tenor) and Tim Niall (piano). Recorded in the Victorian Music Room at St. Mary's House, Bramber, West Sussex.
  SPRING Come gentle spring (Haydn) SUMMER Welcome the joys of Summer (Schumann)
Spring Song (Schumann) The blue bird (Stanford)
May Song (Schumann) The shepherd's song (Elgar)
Maying (Alice Mary Smith) As torrents in summer (Elgar)
April is in my mistress' face (Morley) Brigg Fair (arr. Grainger)
Now is the month of Maying (Morley) Hymn to the Sun (Schubert)
AUTUMN Summer is gone (Coleridge-Taylor) WINTER My poor robin redbreast (Hook)
Autumn song (Mendelssohn) Aspiration (Elgar)
Autumn (Peter Thorogood) The carol-singers (Sterndale Bennett)
The long day closes (Sullivan) Excelsior (Balfe)
Foresters sound the cheerful horn (Bishop) In summer's cool shade (Arnold)
Leaves in Autumn fade and fall (Sullivan)  


  Cassette - 3.50

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