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Monteverdi at St. Mary's

Performed by the Brighton Consort, director Michael Donkin.  Recorded in the Victorian Music Room at St. Mary's House, Bramber, West Sussex.


Lagrime d'Amante al Sepolcro dell Amanta

(Tears of a Lover at the Tomb of the Beloved)

Incenerite spoglie

Ditelo voi

Dara la notte il sol

Ma te raccoglie

O chiome d'or

Dunque amate relique

Two Duets for Soprano Voices

Ardo e scopir

Baci caro

Lamento d'Arianna (Ariadne's Lament)

Lasciate mi morire

O Teseo mio

Dove e la fede

Ahi che non pur risponde

Lasciate mi morire


  CD - 9.50
  Cassette - 3.50

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