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The Quintessential Peter Thorogood

Performed by Neil Jenkins (tenor), Terence Allbright (piano), Richard Storry (guitar), Timothy Callaghan (violin).  Recorded in the Victorian Music Room at St. Mary's House, Bramber, West Sussex.

You can listen to some of these tracks by clicking on 'listen' in the list below. These audio files are about 600 Kb.

  Harlequinade (piano)

Overture (Harlequin and Columbine)

Valse Pastorale (Pierrot and Pierrette)

Aquarelle (The Water Sprite)

Valse Caprice (Columbine) -> listen

The Birthday of the Infanta

Romance (The Infanta) - guitar

Sicilienne (The Dwarf's Dance) - piano

Stately Dance (The Dancing Boys of Our Lady of Pilar) - piano


Silent and Still (words by Robert Booth)

The Innocent Dream (words by Peter Thorogood)

Violin and piano



To Sirius (words by Peter Thorogood)

Angel Carol (words by Neil Jenkins)


Bagatelle (from Soirées Musicales)

Rhapsody (from Romances after poems by Thomas Hood)

The Birthday of the Infanta

Processional (The Monks of Toledo) - guitar

The Plowright's Pleasure (piano)

Valse Oubliée


Danse Champêtre


Autumn (words by Thomas Hood)

Song of Countryside Walking (words by Peter Thorogood) -> listen

Violin and piano



Improvisation (played by Peter Thorogood)


  CD - £9.50
  Cassette - £3.50


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