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Harlequin Suite

by Peter Thorogood

Originally written as music for a short ballet, Harlequin at the Fair, which deals with the antics of the commedia dell'arte characters, Harlequin, Columbine, Pantaloon, and the wistful Pierrot and Pierrette.  This suite was arranged for piano by the composer for the pianist Thalia Myers in 1972.  Dedicated to the choreographer John Cranko.

Overture - Pantaloon and Columbine

Pastoral Waltz - Pierrot and Pierrette

Aquarelle - The Water Sprite

Valse Caprice - Columbine click here to listen (600kb audio file)

Interlude - The Water Sprite

Sicilienne - Pierrot and Pierrette

Polka - Harlequin

Passepied - Polichinelle

ISBN 0 9526786 5 9       Price 9.50


Recordings of four of these pieces are on the CD/cassette The Quintesssential Peter Thorogood.

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